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We have collected together a list of the questions we get asked most frequently.

Q: I ordered some mp3 files and they have not arrived. What is the problem?

A: It could be that your payment has not been processed yet. Please allow up to 1 working day for processing and email delivery.

If you are waiting for tracks to be emailed to you, please check that the emails have not been filtered by your junk mail filter, your message box is not full, and that you can receive attachments. Some ISPs do not allow emails with attachments.

If you still have problems after checking all of the above suggestions, then please Contact Us to resolve the problem.

Q: I have bought some tracks from other suppliers and they have not been any good. How do I know yours will be good quality?

A: There are samples of every track on our web site for you to listen to before you buy.

Q: I'm going to order some tracks from you. Do they have lyric sheets or do you know where I can get the lyrics from?

A: We do not supply lyric sheets with our tracks, but check out our Links section for some resources where you might be able to get them.

Q: Do all your songs have proper endings even if the original song does not?

A: They certainly do! We always create suitable endings on all our tracks.

Q: Are your songs in the original key?

A: All our tracks are in the original key.

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